About UTEN

UTEN is a registered event company based in Mumbai, India has 3 partners Ms. Winnifred D’souza, Mr. Satyaprakash Gupta, Mr. Anil Kadavil a core/admin whatsapp group consisting of more than 1500 travel professionals currently, from all over India has laid the foundation of UTEN group with a vision of connecting all travel & tourism trade partners from all over the world at one platform through conducting events like educational training and presentation, networking, online webinar’s, online destinations training, product presentations training in multi cities & lot of activities related to travel & tourism industries.

Our Motto

UTEN group will always work with a motto of connecting all travel & tourism trade partners from all over the world on regular intervals, be it small travel consultants, or well established agency in the way of conducting events, networking, marketing, training, representations, promotions, presentations, destination educational trip awards distributions, b2b advisor base on b2c reviews, annual international & domestic conventions, roadshows, social travel platform, careers and also try to explore many other avenues





Events Conducted

  • TBO DMC & Nijhwan Group Product Presentations Meet
  • Travstarz, Rezb2b Global Dmc
  • TMA Group ( Rail Europe,Rezlive,Island Group, Pearl Tourism & Leisure Group , Bluestar Travel Services )
  • Ark Travels ( Star Cruise, Genting Dream Cruise, NCL Cruise,Crystal Cruise Product Selling Presentations )
  • Forex Product Presentations Through FRR

Genting Dream Cruise Product Presentations

  • Destination Australia, France and South African Training and presentations through their tourism board ,

  • Arzoo.com product presentations,
  • Gallileo Product Presentations,
  • Europamundo Product Presentations,

  • Nepal Destinations Presentations,